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Paumanok Publications, Inc., located in Cary, NC USA is the world's leading provider of market research products and services covering the passive electronic component industry, including capacitors, resistors, inductors and circuit protection components. Paumanok is vertically integrated and studies raw material usage and supply to the passive electronic component industry; passive component production, distribution and consumption. Paumanok maintains 20 years of global market research data on worldwide passive component production, imports, exports and consumption. Primary areas of research are as follows:Capacitors: Ceramic, Tantalum, Aluminum, DC Film, AC Film, EDLC Supercapacitor, Niobium, Glass and other specialty dielectrics.Resistors: Chip, Array, Throughole, Thin film; including thick and thin film chip; nichrome metal film, tantalum nitride thin film; tin-oxide, wirewound, carbon film.Inductors: Ferrite bead and bead array; ceramic chip inductor; wirewound chip inductor, power wirewound, RF chip inductor.Circuit Protection Components: Metal Oxide Varistor; PTC Thermistor; NTC Thermistor; Fuses-glass cartridge, blade fuse, solid matrix chip fuse; gas discharge tube arrester; TVS diodes- zener and silicon avalanche, thyristor, other.Raw Materials: Barium titanate and formulations; nickel, palladium, silver; tantalum ore, powder and wire; etched anode and cathode aluminum foil; conductive polymer cathodes; polypropylene films, polyester films; PPS and PEN films; ruthenium; other.

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