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Uvumi operates a website that provides free tools to assist musicians and artists in promoting their work. Uvumi.com provides a seamless listening/browsing experience which is intended to give greater control to the users of the site. Musicians are encouraged to upload their recorded works so that they become available for streaming, downloading, and inclusion in popularity charts and custom playlists which can be shared with other users. Popularity charts are generated to help artists gain exposure, and the company's employees work closely with registered musicians to provide further support and exposure for their work. Artist profiles are optimized for search engine indexing, and the site license agreement is straight-forward and allows immediate revocation by artists at any time. Artists retain complete ownership and control of their content.Uvumi.com is being grown and developed in an organic manner. The company has no plans to acquire giant lists of existing artists from record companies, and they will not encourage ghost accounts on the site. It is a grassroots, real-world project.Uvumi is headquartered in Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World.

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  • PO Box 30047, Austin, Texas , United States .

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