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Instant Crowdsourced Feedback.Looking for quick, effective and valuable feedback to guide your creative efforts and have you ever wanted to know what people thought of an idea before you show it to your boss or customer? Focus groups can take weeks or more and online polling systems are expensive and still take days. Zipinion makes feedback fast and easy. Zipinion provides 100 opinions on your topic within an hour of submitting the poll. Additionally, many Zipinionites include helpful feedback so you can track and manage sentiment trends within your poll. Here are some ideas on how Zipinion could be used. Quickly create online polls with a few clicks and a message for:Graphic design comparison like logos, print ads, web design, political mailers etc...Text feed back like Facebook posts, Tweets, Press release Headers etc...Single item feedback like brand perception, sentiment analysis, content moderation and filtering etc...The possible uses are endless!

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