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Thursday, December 10, 2020 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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Up Next at BSC's Rebuilding Business Nationwide Forum: Money Q & A
THURSDAY, Dec. 10, 2020, noon-1 CST
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What you don't know can be costly. 
Come to our Rebuilding Business Nationwide Online Forum for answers!

This week's Q&A, Thursday, Dec. 10, Noon Central (
• David Turpin, Pileus Group, will give you financial questions to ask and answer before buying or starting a business.
• During the Customer Experience part of the program, attendees will share their thoughts about customer rights and the associated costs and benefits (free shipping, guarantees, and other promises.). Can you add to the discussion? We want you because we learn from each other.
• Wondering how to spend the holidays? Forum attendees always provide good recommendations for books, events, or learning opportunities to rebuild, relaunch, and grow. You can be more productive and help others, too, with the ideas you share.
• Need ideas, introductions, or solutions to a problem? We're here for that. We know you will have ideas to contribute to others in our "Give and Take" as well.
Reminder from our friends at TAG (Technology Advisors Group) Meetup: Join them this Friday, December 11 8-9AM for a presentation on a new presentation platform that goes beyond Zoom from Contextual Content Group. Go to for more info and to rsvp.

Join us each Thursday at noon CST for the Rebuilding Business Forum's...
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  • Mentor Zone 
  • Last Word and takeaway resources
  • More from you for all of us
  • Be a guest speaker: Interested in being our "Share the Wisdom" guest expert on a Thursday Forum? Contact me about your idea: Go here to see what our upcoming topics are and who are our speakers. We really push the speaker to our contacts. We do expect that this person will let their network know that they have been asked to speak at the Forum. This is not a sales pitch.
At the last Forum...
(Recording and transcript available @ until 12/31/2020)

Last week Cheryl Jones, Simply the Best Results, told us the difference between resistance and procrastination. There are pluses and minuses that you should consider before you beat yourself up for what you haven't done.

Dave Nave, Dave Nave and Associates, told us about how things are going business-wise on the West coast, and reminded us of what questions to ask BEFORE we take action.

Forum attendees shared book and software recommendations and their comments on the right role to assign to customers as I discussed Customer Experience issues. This was particularly interesting because of the tendency of salespeople to practically dictate what people should buy — a fallout from exposure to COVID-19 regs? What do you think?
How can I help you or introduce you to someone who can or whom you can help? Email me directly No charge. This is my gift to you.

Hope to see you online this Thursday or any Thursday. ( We're taking a break after Dec. 17 until Jan. 7, 2021.
If this is what you are looking for, please join us. We really want to learn from you and share with you! 

Upcoming Special Guests:

Dec. 10: David Turpin, Pileus Group, LLC on Acquiring or Starting a New Business   "Do you actually know what to ask yourself when considering getting involved in something new to you in business?  Three questions to pose and how to break down easily the financial considerations."

Dec. 17: Reuben Swartz, Mimiran on Creating Compelling Sales Proposals Without Stress (last Forum of 2020, resumes on 1/7/21)

Jan. 7: Jan Triplett, Business Success Center on Working Together Without Killing Each Other
Jan. 14: Shannon Weigum, Texas State University on Overview of the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at Texas State
Jan. 21: Anthony Palomba, Thakgnosis on Managing Your Energy


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